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I'm a twenty-some-odd-years-old busybody currently residing in Seattle, WA. I started this webpage in 2019 to document and showcase my work.

During the day I crunch numbers and engineer structures, which helps fund this little hobby of mine (and the 100+ yards of uncut fabric in my closet!) I started sewing in 2013 when I couldn't find a prom dress in a style I liked. I had the aspiration to create my own but fortunately my Mom persuaded me not to make this my very first project (I ended up wearing a vintage one). Nearly everything I know about sewing I learned from her and my Nana. Since then I've gone on to make more than 40 dresses, 25 skirts, 20 blouses, 5 pairs of trousers, 2 coats, and even dabbled in some menswear. Of course some of these are "learning" projects and may never see the light of day - but the process itself is what makes sewing so wonderful!

Many of my pieces are inspired by vintage garments and sewing patterns, particularly those of the 1950s and early 1960s, like this cottage-print box-pleated skirt. Since graduating university and starting to work full time, I've also begun to incorporate more classic, polished styles into my wardrobe while maintaining a midcentury influence. Think of a large swing skirt made of a teal wool, or a wool mini-skirt.

Aside from sewing, I also enjoy hiking, gardening, knitting, baking, and spending time with my family - especially my partner Scott and our dog Mundo.

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Article: Brown Tweed Wool Coat, completed in February 2018
Outer Material: 100% Wool, purchased from Stonemountain & Daughter (Berkeley, CA)
Lining: Casa Collection, purchased from Joann
Pattern: McCall's 7478 with modifications to front pockets

This 1950's-inspired coat features a princess silhouette with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. The small folded collar and symmetrical front closure is true to the style of this era. A medium-weight, multi-color brown tweed wool emanates sophistication. Hidden front pockets and an extra-large interior pocket to hold matching gloves. This coat is best-suited for mild to moderate weather (30° - 50°F).
Article: Green Holiday Dress, completed in December 2019
Outer Material: Velveteen, purchased from the Los Angeles Fashion District
Lining: Casa Collection, purchased from Joann
Pattern: McCall's 3820 with zipper moved to the side

One can never be over-dressed when it comes to a party, and this dark green holiday dress is proof of the sentiment. Its sleek, elegent form is simple yet understated. Attention is drawn to the fabric itself - a beautiful, short-haired velveteen with a subtle shine under the light. This dress is fitted throughout the bodice and arms, with slight gathering below the bustline. The midsection is comprised of 7 panels that flare from below the waist for a swooping 130" hem. In contrast to its more modest front, the back has an unexpected, alluring V-neckline. And as with any great dress, there are roomy pockets to hold enough that one can forgo a bag for the evening.

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Article: Gray Cowl Neck Dress, completed in June 2020
Outer Material: 100% Medium-Weight Wool, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Lining: Synthetic, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Pattern: Butterick 7903 with modifications to the neckline

I like to think that one can never go wrong with wool - it's one of the most versatile materials for garment use. This dress is constructed with a medium-weight, speckled gray wool. The cowl neckline accentuates the fabric's lovely drape. Completed with an invisible side zipper and pencil skirt, this dress is professional and classic with an eye-catching twist.
Article: Numbers Tie Blouse, completed in April 2020
Material: Rayon, purchased from Pacific Fabrics Seattle
Pattern: Butterick 6887
Also pictured is the Gray Pencil Skirt

As much as I love sewing, I really enjoy finding new ways to incorporate my engineering side into it - hence, a numbers-printed blouse. The light, flowy fabric is cut on the bias for a beautiful drape and fit. Darts at the midsection allow for a fitted waist that tucks in smoothly to skirts and pants. The blouse is finished off with a tie collar above a slit neckline for a modest yet elegant closure.
Article: Navy Blue Peplum Blouse, completed in March 2020
Material: 100% Polyester, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Pattern: McCall's 4026
Also pictured is skirt similar to the Gray A-Line Skirt

A chic, yet comfortable sleeveless shirt for those warm summer days. Attached with buttons down the back for a unique twist and adorned with a bow just below the neck. The front face features box pleats to keep the intrigue on all sides of this top. Fitted with a peplum-style waist, this blouse tucks in beautifully to high-waisted bottoms without extra fabric bulk, helping to accentuate the figure.
Article: Slate Gray Silk Blouse, completed in March 2021
Material: Silk Crepe de Chine, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Pattern: Simplicity 1692

This shirt has a classic button-up style with feminine touches for a professional, yet lady-like appearance. In a slate gray tone with underlying hues of blue and adorned with navy-colored buttons offeing a pop of color, this blouse can be paired with multiple colors - try navy, gray, beige, or green. Made in a beautiful Crepe de Chine and featuring raglan sleeves, it's as comfortable as it is chic.
Article: Gray A-Line Skirt, completed in August 2019
Outer Material: 100% Wool, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Lining: Synthetic, purchased from Joann
Pattern: Self-drafted pattern

This classic, gray skirt is both versatile and timeless. It features an A-line silhouette with a fitted waist and flared skirt. The style, color, and material lend it to be adaptable with many different blouses for multiple style combinations. Complete with a back-zipper and hidden side pockets, this skirt is as practical as it is variable.
Article: Teal Pleated Swing Skirt, completed in October 2019
Outer Material: 100% Wool, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Lining: Synthetic, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Pattern: Butterick B5813 (view C skirt)

A twist on the classic circle skirt, this number has two pairs of pleats on its front face. The muted teal color is both bold and versatile. With a hidden back zipper, hidden side pockets, and a hem that boasts more than 150" circumference, this skirt was made to be twirled.
Article: Plaid Miniskirt, completed in October 2021
Outer Material: 100% Wool, purchased from Mood Fabric Los Angeles
Lining: Polyester, purchased from Joann
Pattern: Simplicity 8397 with modifications to make an outer skirt and lined shorts

This miniskirt blurs the line between 1960's mod and modern day style through the use of a true late 1960's pattern and a contemporary print. Made of a medium-weight wool, this skirt is functional through late summer and fall or can be paired with tights for a wintertime look. Thoughtfully designed with plaid-matching at the seams, including the back invisible zipper for a near-seamless look. Complete with a shorts lining for comfort and modesty.
Article: Gray Pencil Skirt, completed in February 2021
Outer Material: 100% Medium-weight Wool, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Lining: Polyester knit, purchased from Joann
Pattern: McCall's 5460 with hemline shortened a few inches
Also pictured is the Numbers Tie Blouse.

A pencil skirt is one of the most classic garments in one's wardrobe. Paired with a polished gray wool and lined with a comfortable, stretch fabric, the number of potential outfits with this skirt is limitless. The skirt is fastened with an invisible zipper and hook-and-eye closure at the narrow, reinforced waistband - guaranteeing a long-lasting, versatile staple.
Article: Cross Twist Miniskirt, completed in January 2022
Outer Material: 100% Medium-Weight Wool, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Lining: Synthetic, purchased from Joann
Pattern: Simplicity R11225 with modifications to the length and front twist

Article: Gray Longline Wool Trousers, completed June 2022
Outer Material: 100% Wool, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Lining: Synthetic, purchased from Mood Fabrics Los Angeles
Pattern: Style 2378 View 1

These trousers are a true staple in the modern working woman's world. While drawing inspiration from the 1940s and made from a pattern produced in the 1970s, this style of pants have withstood the test of time and proved itself to be a true classic. With a waistline that hits right at the natural waist, a few small pleats at the front, and slim side pockets, the details in this garment are understated but carefully thought-out. The wool fabric complements these design choices with its excellent drape, and subtle cross-grain pattern.

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